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Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life is live!!! http://efttappingtechniques.com/landing/are-you-wrestling-with-life


I’m so excited to be releasing this product today.  (It’s my favorite so far 🙂

And, right around the corner is the start-up of the Tapping World Summit 2012, which starts on Monday, May 7. 

“See” you there!


If you aren’t taking care of YOU, you won’t be able to take care of anything else for the long haul. http://efttappingtechniques.com/summit-registration


Got so inspired by Cheryl Richardon’s interview with Jessica Ortner at the Tapping World Summit, that I ordered Cheryl’s book, the Art of Extreme Self Care. 

Loving it!  I’m doing the 30 day “I love you, Natalie,” challenge. 

Are you signed up for the 2012 Tapping World Summit yet?  

Come join over 150,000 people who’ve already signed up. 

Dare to Prosper!

10X Rule: Quit thinking about competing. Despite what everyone says, its not healthy. Its for sissies.” Love Grant Cardone!


When you combine amazing teaching like Grant Cardone offers in The 10X Rule with Tapping, you have a totally winning combination. 

Come learn to tap at the 2012 World Tapping Summit

The real fun starts May 7 with 10 days of straight tapping. 

What the heck IS tapping?  Learn about EFT and Tapping here. 

Tapping World Summit 2012 – THE Tapping event of the year – online – free. 

Daily doubt & fear tap can win the daily battle against the resistance dragon. Read the War of Art and you’ll know what I mean.


EFT and Tapping are my best weapons against the relentless opponent to love, success, creativity, productivity . . . resistance. I love how Stephen Pressfield describes it in both the War of Art and Do the Work. 

To learn Tapping, come to the awesome, once a year, FREE, Tapping World Summit

This year’s 2012 Tapping World Summit starts on May 7.  In the build-up to the Tapping Summit, you can watch three awesome videos and listen to two audios.  

Don’t miss this chance to slay you inner resistance dragon.

Awesome! Cheryl Richardson tells why we must hurt others feelings http://efttappingtechniques.com/summit-registration No wonder Oprah loves her!


I’d never really connected with Cheryl Richardson before.  The videos I’d seen left me lukewarm towards her.  But after watching this Skype interview with Jessica Ortner leading up to the Tapping World Summit 2012, I became a raving Cheryl Richardson fan. 

I even went right to Audible, put several of her books on my wish list and downloaded one.  It will be my next read. 

Speaking of the 2012 Tapping World Summit – are you registered?  If not, do it here

It’s the Tapping event of the year and the best way to be introduced to Tapping if it’s new to you. 

Never knew I could fall in love so quickly. Falling for Danielle LaPorte “Becoming YOU is your life purpose” #FireSS Fire Starter Sessions


This book, The Fire Starter Sessions, is like stumbling, parched, upon an oasis in the desert.  Like tasting dark, smooth chocolate for the first time. Like coming eye to eye with a stranger and knowing in seconds that you were destined to meet, that you already know him although it’s impossible. 

I’m coming to know and love Danielle LaPorte that way.  Feels pretty intimate!

And it’s awakening so much creativity in me!  Came up with an idea this morning that can start a whole new career, a website, the content, the first big product, guest posts, membership groups . . . – that’s how big the idea was.  

So I bow in gratitude to my two best supporters on this journey to Becoming ME.  The Fire Starter Sessions and Tapping

Lately I’m doing a daily tapping session on my doubts and fears and transitioning into boldness and confidence.  Empowering way to start my day!

Do you know how to Tap?  If you don’t, I highly recommend this simple tool you can use to clear fears and doubts and lots more. 

Best way to learn it is actually coming up – pre-event videos are coming out now.  It’s a yearly online event called the Tapping World Summit

And the 2012 World Tapping Summit starts May 7.  You can get registered for it here. 

Lean to Tap. 
Clear your crap.  
Overcome all nature of blocks or resistance. 
Increase you energy, calm, ease, creativity and mojo. 

See you at the Tapping Summit!

Dare to Prosper!

Kris Carr on the Tapping Summit: It’s the Oscars of tapping, Everybody’s gonna be there. And it’s free! http://efttappingtechniques.com/summit-registration


I just watched the second free video in the 2012 World Tapping Summit pre-launch series.  I didn’t realize Chris Carr was big on Tapping!  

Here’s the full quote she said at the end, when Jessica Ortner asked her why people should attend the online Tapping World Summit:  “It’s the Oscars of tapping.  It’s the Olympics.  Everybody’s gonna be there.  It’s one-stop-shopping and it’s free!

I encourage you to listen to Kris’ story about the event that introduced her to tapping – and it wasn’t when she was diagnosed with cancer. 

The Fire Starter Sessions are so delicious and nourishing I have to remind myself to stop reading and eat! #FireSS


Danielle LaPorte, I love you SOOOOOO much for being YOU and for writing this totally yummy book.  It’s making underlining and highlighting ridiculous because every sentence deserves to be highlighted!

I’m dreaming of ways to combine your beautiful work with my blockbusting tapping.  I see the mist of possibilities swirling in a pastel cloud in front of me. 

And for now, until my dream coalesces, I recommend everyone go get signed up for the epic 2012 Tapping World Summit   

Register here for this free online tapping event of the year. 

New to Tapping?  Learn more here.

Back to my scrumptious Fires Starter Sessions!

10X Rule by Cardone is Super Motivating. http://efttappingtechniques.com/10X Just re-wrote my 2012 goals; turned them into 10X. MUCH more powerful!

I am now seeing that what Grant Cardone says in the 10X Rule is so true.  Bigger goals are MUCH more motivating than mediocre goals.  

I LOVE this book and highly recommend it.  

And, combining Tapping with the 10X Rule makes it all even more effective.  

On one of my goals, as I was writing it out by hand the morning (Cardone suggests you write your goals morning and night), I discovered I had inner resistance. Wasn’t in alignment with my goal.

So one of my tasks today is to create a tapping script I can use to tap out those doubts and fears.  

I also LOVE EFT and Tapping!  If you don’t know it, a perfect way to get started is by attending the free online Tapping World Summit   

And the official EFT Summit part of the 10-day 2012 Tapping World Summit begins on May 7. 

Start Tapping . . . It works!

Want to know more about the online event that attracted 300,000 last year? http://www.squidoo.com/2012-tapping-world-summit New Squidoo Lens


Here I am with Jessica Ortner.  Jess is the host of the World Tapping Summit

Hot off the ePress – my Squidoo Lens about the 2012 Tapping World Summit

This is THE Tapping Event of the year.  Check it out – Tapping World Summit!

Keep Tapping . . . It Works!

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